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Are you planning on installing seamless gutters on your property? Is this your first time tackling such a project? If so, probably you have a ton of questions and we want to help. Below we have provided the answers to some of the most common questions our seamless gutter company got from our clients in Dundee, NY. Keep on reading and if by the end of the page you have any other questions, be sure to give us a call.

Why are gutters so important?

The purpose of gutters is to collect water from the roofing area and lead the water away from your home. Properly configured downspouts (drain pipes and leaders) are crucial to the safety of your home. A faulty guttering system can contribute to damage to building foundations, fascia & soffit, shingles, walkways, driveways, and landscaping.

How do seamless gutters differ from the sectional ones?

The most popular type of gutter today is seamless gutters because since there is no seam, there are no leaks. The only seams are at outside and inside corners. They are usually made from aluminum, but can also be made from copper. Each individual gutter is customized to fit the particular building it is being installed on.

What are the advantages of seamless gutters?

The advantages of seamless gutters include:

The possibility of leaks is greatly reduced
No unsightly seams
Baked on enamel finish which never needs painting
Exact measurements
Timely project completion – usually the job is done in less than a day
Many colors to choose from

When is it necessary to call a gutter contractor to replace my gutters?

If you have noticed the exterior of your house has peeling paint or mold, it could be a sign that your gutters need to be repaired or replaced. Ice and snow can build up within the gutters, causing leaks or damage to the home. Debris in gutters or clogged downspouts can cause them to sag or pull away from the home. Other signs that the gutters may not be serving their purpose correctly are water in the basement or cracks in the foundation of the house. In any of these situations, getting gutter services from a professional such as NexGen Seamless Gutters LLC to assess the problem is the best step you can take.

How long will the gutter installation take?

Most jobs can be finished in less than a day.  


What are the most important things when having gutters installed?

Invest in an adequate system, make sure you choose a reputable contractor who will install it correctly, and get a good warranty.

Would it be such a bad thing if I overlook the cleaning of my gutters?

It can certainly be – assuming you’d prefer to make sure both your home’s structure and exterior are not damaged. When downspouts and gutters are clogged, they are unable to lead rainwater and excessive moisture away from the house or commercial facility effectively. This results in the collection and overflowing of water, which over time can cause a number of issues from roof leaks to severe foundation damage. All of which means expensive repair jobs that could have been easily avoided.

What services do you offer?

We offer seamless gutters installation and replacement as well as leaf guards replacement and new installation.

What makes you the right fit for my project?

Our clients appreciate our attention to detail and commitment to complete customer satisfaction. We have 12 years of experience and take pride in the quality of our work. We have specialized equipment and are more than happy to provide our potential clients with free estimates. Also, we are insured and offer warranties.

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss your upcoming project, be sure to get in touch with NEXGEN Seamless Gutters LLC right away.  You can learn more about our quality seamless gutter services at (607) 442-6055. We serve the Dundee, NY area.

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